Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One


What should do when a death occurs?

If a person dies in hospital contact McLean’s Funeral Services as soon as possible after. Then notify family members and close friends. If a person dies in hospice, a care facility or, it is a planned death at home contact McLean’s Funeral Services immediately to make arrangements for transfer to our facility. Then contact family members and close friends. When someone dies unexpectedly other than when in a General Hospital, the Police need to be notified immediately. They may decide to contact the Coroner and will guide you through this process. For guidance in an unexpected death you may call McLean’s Funeral Services at any time.

What type of Services are there?

  1. Traditional Service is where the deceased body is present followed by either burial or cremation.
  2. Memorial Service (Celebration of Life Service) is where the deceased body is not present (may have the URN present). It is intended to Memorialize the deceased and Celebrate the Life they lived.
  3. Graveside Service takes place at the Cemetery with the deceased’s body present.
  4. Simple Cremation Service is where there is no service that involves the Funeral Home except for providing the cremation services.

What purpose does a funeral serve?

A funeral is an opportunity to pay tribute to a life well lived. It is an opportunity for those left behind to gather and share support for each other. It gives a starting point for closure in the grieving process.

What does a funeral cost?

This is for the most part determined by you and the choices you make. Some expenses are basic to every funeral. What you spend on a funeral should always be balanced with what you can afford and what you see as necessary for the right memorialization of that person. Always ask for a quote of items you want before agreeing to anything.

What do funeral directors do?

Funeral Directors are professionals in the care giving for families who have lost a loved one. They are also professionals who guide the family through the planning of a funeral in keeping with the families wishes, make arrangements for the transportation of the deceased, completing necessary legal paperwork.