Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

Plan Ahead

Plan for the Inevitable

Planning your funeral while you’re alive has many advantages.

  1. It minimizes family disagreements and guessing over what “you would have wanted”.
    Questions such as “Should he/she be buried or cremated?”, “Should it be an open or closed casket?”, “How much should we spend on the funeral?”. Disagreements are common for surviving family members when there is no plan. You can avoid this by leaving behind a clear plan for your family to follow.
  2. You’re able to assume all of the funeral costs.
    By planning ahead you can arrange how your funeral will be paid for. Often family members will not have immediate access to whatever money you may have left them, and will be responsible for all funeral costs out of their pocket.
  3. Your family will have a meaningful funeral.
    Often when funerals are not planned ahead, your family will have only a short amount of time to arrange a memorable funeral for you. A well planned funeral is important because it provides a sense of closure for them, so plan a nice funeral for yourself, and for them to say the final “Good Bye” to you.
  4. Your wishes can be followed.
    If you have specific preferences for the disposition of your remains and how your funeral service is carried out, you can express them in your funeral plan. You may have a preference for burial or cremation, you may not want a funeral ceremony, you may want to play your favorite song. Whatever your wishes, they need to be clearly outlined in your funeral plan.
  5. Be self-reliant and have everything in order before leaving your family.
    Having a funeral plan is a considered and caring way to leave your family. It will be comforting for you knowing everything has been done to ease the burden on your family.
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